2005 CES Faces!



After reviewing this photo, I'm not too sure anymore Franck Tchang enjoyed his meal as much as he said. On the other hand, Avatar Acoustic's Darren Censullo (left) certainly enjoyed the good spirits while our own Frank Peraino (right) takes on the sights and sounds - which, based on the ear plugs Tchang's sporting - were quite loud.


Censullo, quite upbeat these days, took time out to chat, catch a bite and discuss his new purchase in the Ascendo line of loudspeakers.  With careful matching, I explained, there's been nothing in my possession to surpass its overall musicality.



Analysis Plus designer and chief bottle washer, Mark Markel took a moment between showing his new line of A/V cables to pose for our ST cameras.



We arrived with deep anticipation of what was in store for us. We were not disappointed. Here I am flanked by my illustrious crew (from left to right) Dave Thomas, Mike Wright and Key Kim.




'Cuse me, are you "gentleman" together was the phrase of the day when MOFI's Shawn Britton, John Wood, and Coleman Brice posed for this group photo.


     Acoustic Signature's VP Gunther Frohnhoefer takes a pause for the cause.


April Music's director of marketing, EJ Lee catches up with ST contributors Mike Wright (left) and Courtenay Osborne for a smile.


Wisdom Audio's chief designer Tom Bohlender proudly shows his newest creation of an in-wall loudspeakers magnet. This long cylindrical patent pending driver is the equivalent of a 15" driver with a long-throw voice coil. For more info go towww.wisdomaudio.com


ESP put on a heck of demo featuring their flagship ESP Concert Grand loudspeaker ($38k) and audio recording engineer/guru Steve Hoffman. Photo'd above from left to right is ESP designer Sean McCaughan, Hoffman and ESP US distributor Mike Verretto-who just so happens to be very knowledgeable about jazz music and if you're that, then you're a friend of mine!


Audio Physic's new US distributor Gabby Amram, of Soundquest LLC, has his Alexis Park front door open to the audio world. His new line of product line, particularly the new Audio Physic Caldera, sounded very good indeed. I've pleaded for a review sample so stay tuned.


May Audio's Nizar Akhrass was beaming from ear to ear with his room packed with show-goers looking for that perfect tweak or XRCD.



Speaking of May Audio, here's none other than Mr. Kazuo Kuichi (right) posing for our camera alongside our very own Key Kim. Since the arrival of the Kuichi's Reimyo CD player, Key has been wearing that smile for some time.



Stealth Audio's Serguei Timachev takes a moment to give us a smile. He's got plenty to be happy about these days considering how the Rethym loudspeaker room sounded using his latest designs.




Ascendo's Jurgen Scheuring and CAT's chief designer Ken Steven's were caught on film discussing how to get Best Sound at Show at a nearby restaurant.



Halcro's exquisite designer David Pope was quite upbeat showing off his new line of Home Theater products.



 ST's own Ron Nagle had plenty to talk about whenever we ran into one another.



Albert Von Schweikert was smiling again and indeed he had good reason. For the second straight year he seduced many with both the sonic performance of his room and the superb looks of his new loudspeaker in the VR9!


The ST camera caught up with Portal Audio's Joe Abrams, well kinda, we never got the chance to make him look squarely into the lens.


Jay "The Man" Bertrand stopped just long enough for us to capture him. Bertrand's quite busy these days now with his new and affordable line of Stello electronics from April Music. If you've got a couple of bucks in your wallet, stay calm; Bertrand also boasts April Music's Eximus line of statement components.



Stereo Times' Key Kim (foreground) and Franck Tchang, of Acoustic Resonator, found that you may be able to out-talk Dave Thomas (center), who's 6'4" 250 lbs. but they certainly can't out-eat him. 



 Two distinguished members of the NY/NJ Audio Societies who also happen to serve as my heroes are (top) Ross Wagner and Arnis Balgavis (bottom). Both have been in audio on both ends of the spectrum (lover/reviewer) for longer than they care to mention. But still, here they are back again just for the love of it.



Tact Audio's Radomir Bozovic says the future of digital is spelled T.A.C.T. His new website, www.roomcorrection.com is dedicated to put to rest all the mysteries and myths surrounding room correction.



It was quite nice to see industry old timers such as Joseph DePhillips showing his new line of Discovery cables.



I simply couldn't resist publishing this photo of Convergent Audio Technology's sideman who I only remembered as Lee. You can tell from the ear-plugs the room was quite loud where we bumped into each other. I ended up needing ear-plugs too.



The ST camera caught up with Stefan Fekete, chief designer behind the wonderful Ayon loudspeaker and Franck Tchang of Acoustic Systems Resonators. Both were caught against the sunshine which was a rare sight this year.



Dr.Roland Gauder, of designer of German brand Isophon loudspeakers take time out to smile for our ST cameraman.



Darren Censullo of Avatar Acoustics and proud new US distributor poses next to Ascendo's very own Jurgen Schuering.



Lloyd Walker and partner Fred Law, of Walker Audio took time from their busy setup to pose for us.


   Ty Lashbrook of Tyler Acoustics stand proudly besides his Woodmere loudspeaker.



                  Lamm Audio's Vladamir Shushurin takes a pause for the cause.



You can't find Shushurin and not find his turntable guru David Karmelli with yet another strange and eye-catching 'table. Here's a man that owns more vintage turntables than anyone I've ever met.



Showing in the Von Schweikert Audio room was none other than Kevin Tellekamp chief architect behind  Silent Running Audio isolation platforms.



Flemming Rasmussen of Gryphon Audio stands before a wall of accolades from the press that spans twenty-years. A feat indeed in an industry where companies come and go with frightening frequency. Happy Birthday to you Mr. Rasmussen. 



Adam Sohmer, April Music's US distributor, caught at a fine restaurant on the strip takes a moment to swallow before attempting a smile for our camera.



Lastly, I was caught with Ray Shab, designer of the Arcici Suspension Rack, walking the Alexis Park and just talking about...well, the terrible weather most of all. We both being from the east coast came to realize how relative the discussion was when we were told by someone that it was 36-degrees BELOW ZERO in Edmonton, Canada.

Clement Perry