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  • Paul
    02 December 2014 15:16
    Dear Mr. Perry -
    I'm not sure if a busy schedule keeps you from answering readers question, but if not, I'd like to bend your ear for a moment.

    I recently read your follow-up to the "TBI Magellan VIII su subwoofer" review by Dan Dzuban. Since I was unable to find Dan's name listed under Current Contributors, and since it was you who made mention of the lack of chuffing from this sub, I thought it best to contact you directly.

    I've been seeking a quality (new or used) sub for about a year now, but find that every ported/vented sub I listen to introduces chuffing from a few of my CDs. One in particular seems to be the litmus test, that being Laurie Anderson's "My Compensation", from her Life on a String album. Being 64, and not fully up to speed with the current quality of downloadable tunes, if you don't have access to this CD (or tune), I'm not sure if a compressed file would provide full bass on this tune. All I know is that I've disappointed a number of sellers as well as a few higher end audio store salesmen every time it's played through a ported/vented sub. True story: it actually popped an overhead light bulb at Advanced Audio in Tacoma, WA. So my question is this, if you still have the TBI Magellan VIII su sub in your listening room, and access to "My Compensation" (CD studio version), would it be possible to let me know if the TBI Magellan VIII su sub is also a victim of chuffing on this track?

    • Clement Perry
      02 December 2014 15:23
      Hello Paul,
      Thanks for writing. It's been so long since I have heard the TBI Megellan subs that you actually jogged my memory. I do not have them around any more nor am I aware of Laurie Anderson's My Compensation, but will certainly look into it. Unfortunately, you also sound more experienced in subs than I do since I have not listened to any in a very long time as I have no need. Of course, I would enjoy knowing what subs you did happen to audition. Again, thanks for writing.
      Clement Perry